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For people who love to ski and snowboard - or always thought they'd like to try!
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Membership Information for the 2020-2021 Ski Season

Winterset's year officially begins September 1st.

This year we will continue to accept Memberships, both new and renewals, online through the website.
Members will NOT be receiving any type of renewal forms through the mail. Members will have the option of paying for their memberships either by check or credit card.  The complete instructions for each are below.
We hope this makes the it easier for both our members and the Winterset Membership people.
As part of our 50th Anniversary celebration, again this year, there will be no charge for kids on any adult membership.  All kids must be part of an adult membership, and all kids must be listed on the membership new and/or renewal form.

New memberships and renewal memberships are accepted starting September 1st through the ski season. 

Again this season, members signup is online for both new and renewal members.     


The Fee for a New Member is $50 for the 1st Adult, $25 for the 2nd Adult and FREE* for each child under the age of 22 (age as of 10/1/2020).   Membership fees are $10 less for each adult after the initial term.
New Members can sign up here:
    New Members Sign Up Here



Renewal memberships are $40 for the 1st Adult, $15 for the 2nd Adult and FREE* for each child under the age of 22 (age as of 10/1/2020).  There are no late fees for the 2020-2021 Ski Season. Members may renew at any time at the regular renewal price.    In order to renew, first click on this link below to Login.  

 Current Members Login Here    

Once you have logged in, hover over your name on the upper right side of the page, and click the "Renew" link shown in Red.

*Free Child Membership - Must be part of an adult membership.  All children must still be included on the new or renewal membership.

Adult vs Child:

The age limit for a "child" for membership purposes is 21.  All Children 22 and older on October 1 of the current season year (2020/2021) must have either their own Individual membership, or be listed as the 2nd Adult on their current membership.   On each renewal cycle, all children over the age of 21 will be automatically moved to their own membership.

Please click on the "Renew" Icon within the Profile of your Membership account in order to process your renewal.  
Winterset is taking credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard & Discover only) with no charge to our members (The credit card processing fees are only being waived for payment of membership fees - both new and renewal), so please do consider taking advantage of this service.  
If you do not wish to use a credit card, you can print an invoice at the Payment Screen, which you should mail along with your check.   You will receive a 2nd email notification when we have received and processed your check.  


Your check should be mailed to the Club's Treasurer, Anne Rosa, Winterset Ski Club, PO box 231, Newtown, CT 06470


Questions and inquires can be emailed to either:    OR

Subject: Membership.