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Welcome to Winterset Ski Club...
For people who love to ski and snowboard - or always thought they'd like to try!
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About Winterset Ski Club

Welcome to Winterset Ski Club...for people who love to ski and snowboard - or always
thought they'd like to try!


We are a 50 year-old club organized to promote skiing -- downhill and cross-country, plus snowboarding.
We offer a number of activities and social events during the year to encourage member skiing and

Downhill Skiers, Boarders or Cross-Country Skiers

Winterset promotes skiing through subsidized lessons, Monday night racing, bulk buy lift tickets & much more.

Day Bus Trips and Weekend/Week-Long Trips
The club runs 4 - 6 Saturday or Sunday day bus ski trips to the lower Vermont & New Hampshire areas.
the club buys lift tickets as a group, they always cost much less than what an individual would pay. Some
Connecticut Ski Council Awareness Day trips offer lift tickets as low as $35!

This year, a weeklong trip is scheduled for Sugarloaf in Main, Val di Fassa in Italy and weekend trip to
Waterville Valley in New Hampshire. Again, with group rates, prices for lodging and lift tickets are seriously
less than individual rates.

Bulk Buy Lift Tickets
Save money by taking part in the Bulk Buy Lift Ticket Program.  As a member of the Connecticut Ski Council,
which negotiates for all the club negotiates for all the clubs in the state, Winterset members can buy lift
tickets at bargain basement prices in September before the ski season begins.  BULK BUY LIFT TICKETS

SO You're a NEW Member... Now What?

Below is an article that appeared in an old newsletter, it's so good - it's worth repeating!

So, you're new to the club. Maybe a friend told you about the club. Perhaps you heard about us in the local
paper or the internet.     Now What?

First, I'd like to welcome you to Winterset Ski Club on behalf of the entire Board of Directors of the Winterset
Ski Club. On the average we have nearly 260 memberships, with a total of 350+ members.  That's men,
women, children and if your dog skis or snowboards we'll add he/she in as well.

Winterset is a participating and growing member of the Connecticut Ski Council (CSC) which is comprised
of 4
0+ member clubs.  Collectively, the CSC can strongly influence major discounts for New England Ski
Area lift tickets, trips, racing and social events.  Last year alone (October 2001 statistics) the CSC
purchased $750,000 worth of drastically reduced cost bulk lift tickets to
Vermont ski areas along.  If you'd
like more info on the CSC go to
Winterset Ski Club further augments the collective power
of the CSC by providing day bus trips to Vermont and Massachusetts, 
subsidizing ski lessons during club
trips, week and weekend trips, racing with other clubs and social activities throughout the year..

Although, Winterset is a very family oriented ski club, nearly 1/3 of the membership is single and presents a
great environment to meet others with similar wintersports interests. Most of your information on the club
activities will be through the newsletters and emails of late breaking info and reminders when trips 
events are coming up. You should also be aware that you might be called upon to help in some small or large
way to help out from time 
to time. If you can spare a little time, please try to accommodate the caller if
possible. Usually that person is chairing some committee that 
is trying to get an event or trip going and
needs some assistance. Prior to joining Winterset my family was like most where you could only afford a
week or a few days of skiing throughout the season. On average during the last 2 seasons we exceeded 20
days because of the club.

As a final note...get involved and have some fun!!