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Online Silent Auction for Lift Tickets
Published on: 1/8/2018
Winterset Ski Club has 3 sets of lift tickets that are available to members via an online Silent Auction.

Rules are as follows:
1) Bidders must be a current Winterset member
2) Auction will start on Monday, 1/8/18 & end on Sunday, 1/21/18 at 11:59pm.
3) Members wishing to bid on a set of tickets will do so via email to:
Members must include the name of the tickets they are bidding on in the subject line of the email. For the bid, include your name, phone and the amount of your bid.
4) Member can submit as many bids as they would like.
5) The member with the highest bid will win the auction.
6) This is a silent bid, thus members will not know what other members bids are. If you want to win, submit your best bid.
7) On Monday, 1/22/18 all emails will be reviewed and the member with the highest bid for each set of tickets will be notified.
8) Winning member will be notified via email.
Winterset Ski Club News, Information & Updates - November 1, 2017
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September 2017
Published on: 9/5/2017
Winterset Ski Club News, Information & Updates:

Welcome to the 2017-18 Ski Season. Below please find information on: Membership renewals, the Annual Winterset Picnic, a new social event: A Golf Outing, and Bulk Buy Lift Ticket information.